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Get Involved

Akumal Arts Festival is a volunteer-run, donation-based endeavor. Already in preparation for our third year, we are witnessing the festival's expansion into year round activities in our community. Muralists drop in to paint, arts educators volunteer to teach classes and workshops, and initiatives continue to evolve.


 It’s a special and transformative project for positive change.

Let's Make A Change

Our festival becomes a reality thanks to our community's support and welcomes help in every form.

If you would like to contribute in kind with supplies, house an artist, volunteer or more let us know.

Every little bit counts.  

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Business Partners

Lead Business Sponsor
- Turtle Bay Cafe & Bakery


Prime Business Sponsor
- Tortuga Escondida Residency Center
- Community Engagement


Chief Business Sponsor
- Third Rail
- Akumal Direct
- Loco Gringo


Local Business Sponsor
- Tsuuk
- Akumal Dive Shop


Supporting Business Sponsor
- Akumal Villas
- Buy Playa Realty
- Beachmutts
- Akumal Dive Center

- Casa Fortuna

In-Kind Partners

All About Akumal
- Akumal Pueblo
- Tulum Municipality


All About Art
- 198 Allen Street
- La Mirage / Hacienda de la Tortuga / La -  - Lunita
- Las Casitas
- 360 Paint

- Akumal Natural Glamping

- Las Villas
- Casa Tranquilidad


In It Together
- Cueva Vodka
- Lucy's Ice Cream
- Tequilaville
- Na Hah - water
- Namaste Transportation
- La Taverna Pizzeria & Risotteria
- Mexicarte


Education Partner
- Hekab Be Biblioteca
- Transformar Educando Akumal
- Maya Environmental Education Center

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Art Lovers    
- Marieke, Scott, John
- Annette Bartsch/Bartsch      Family
- Barbara Miller
- Fransisco & Ana Maria Crespo
- Josie & George Pritchard
- Maureen & Mark Miller
- Jacob Van Oeveren
- In Memory of Carol Neely
Feeding Artists    
- Marshall & Patricia Ochylski
- Terry Richardson
- Susanne & Beryl Van Lierop
- Julie Gardener
- Mary Ann & Jeff Reidy Dittmeier
- Robi Robertson
- Richard and Arlene Pargot

- Nancy Poor

- Jackie Neon

- La Bahia

- Katie Datica

- Vonda & Rob Philips

- Tom & Judy Baxter

- Suzette Kappes

- Michael & Lunda Schwartz

Starving Artists    
- Joan Crowe
- Michael Johnson
- Robert Dykes
- Donaji Graham
- Michaela & Marcus Vargus
- Denise DeGhelder

- Ana Lila Cordova

- Ray Newman

- Sheree Gibson

- Ian Hendy

- Regina Silvers

Backbone of the Arts​

- Akumal Bay Resort
- Aventuras Akumal /Joan Crowe unit
-Casa Bella
-Casa Cielo
-Casa del Sol
-Casa Diana
-Casa Iguana
-Casa Tranquilidad
-Casa Zama
-Casita Encantada
-Casita Laguna
-Ek Balam
-Hacienda Tortuga #8
-La Iguana #4
-La Mirage  #5
-La Mirage #6
-Las Villas Akumal
-Mayamar Casita
-Playa Blanca #2
-Playa Blanca Studio
-Playa Caribe
-Playa Caribe #12
-Tao Ocean
-The Reef C
-U Nah Kin
-Yal Ku Cai Casita y Studio

- Casa Chaca

- Luna Azul #2

- Nicte Ha

- Villa Las Brisas

- Yool Canal #1

Community Sponsor
- Live to Make Art / Ben Josh Foundation
- Art Rocks! / Anonymous

Education Partner

- Hekab Be Biblioteca

- Transformar Educando Akumal

- Maya Environmental Education Center

In Person

When visiting Akumal stop by Turtle Bay Cafe and Bakery for details or email us at 

Tax Deductible

With our new fiscal sponsor Hekab Be Biblioteca, we are now able to provide a tax deductible receipt if requested. 

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